“Axy for Good” is the charity channel developed by AxyHotels with the aim of supporting and ensuring the well-being of those being assisted.

AxyHotels loves challenges and faces them all with its core values of Loyalty, Integrity, Passion, Engagement, and Courage.

“Welcome” and “Hospitality” are not just words for AxyHotels, but a way to set up a rapport with the “other” via listening, attention, acceptance, availability, and kindness.

With the “Axy for Good” project, AxyHotels has transformed its core values into concrete actions aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged people by paying attention to socio-cultural issues every day.

On this page, we have collected all the initiatives carried out with this aim.


Andrea Chin, Axy Hotel’s CEO, endorses the use of Hippotherapy Equestrian Rehabilitation to improve the life of a disadvantaged child.

Andrea Chin, the founder & CEO of Axy Hotels hotel management company, has donated a year of hippotherapy for a handicapped child. They will receive a year’s worth of access to equine-assisted therapy at the Girolamo De Marco ONLUS Equestrian Rehabilitation Center – all expenses paid. For over 30 years, the G. De Marco ONLUS Center has been responsible for helping rehabilitate handicapped individuals through equine therapy.

Andrea Chin

“Listening, attention, acceptance, and willingness are all characteristic of Axy Hotels. As the founder of the company, I have listened to many stories from children whose lives have been improved through hippotherapy.

Thus, I decided to start a donation campaign that would provide a child with this special therapy treatment for an entire year.
At Axy we love challenges and face them with passion, integrity, and courage – these are the principles that drive our company’s actions”.



His words capture the true spirit and values of Axy Hotels. A company that prioritizes human warmth (evening naming his first hotel in Rome, WarmtHotel). This human warmth and connection is a guiding star around which everything revolves.

On September 16, 2020, President Patrizio Amore welcomed Andrea Chin to the Military Hippodrome of the Montebello Lancer Regiment in Tor di Quinto headquarters of the G. De Marco Center.

At this magnificent setting, Chin was able to observe firsthand the amount of passion, attention, and professionalism with which the volunteers and the specialized team – consisting of psychologists, psychomotricists, and psychotherapists – perform rehabilitation activities with their specially-trained horses.

This center has been helping those with disabilities for nearly 30 years, thanks to the generous support of individuals and institutions. Axy Hotels wholeheartedly supports their work as it believes in the importance of what they are doing as well as the benefits of rehabilitation and the therapeutic effects of working in close contact with horses.

Axy Hotels does not back away from any support that is consistent with its core values and its identity as a responsible company. In difficult times such as these, concrete actions for those most needy amongst us is a definite priority. With this charitable gesture, Andrea Chin may act out the profound meaning of his company’s beliefs.